This is part of the Fake.Installer.Wix module.


Parameters for creating WiX Feature, use ToString for creating the string xml nodes

Record Fields

Record FieldDescription
Signature: seq<ComponentRef option>

Components included in this feature

Signature: string

Longer string of text describing the feature. This localizable string is displayed by the Text Control of the Selection Dialog.

Signature: FeatureDisplay

Determines the initial display of this feature in the feature tree. This attribute's value should be one of the following: collapse Initially shows the feature collapsed. This is the default value. expand Initially shows the feature expanded. hidden Prevents the feature from displaying in the user interface. For advanced users only, it is possible to directly set the integer value of the display value that will appear in the Feature row.

Signature: string

Unique identifier of the feature.

Signature: int

Sets the install level of this feature. A value of 0 will disable the feature. Processing the Condition Table can modify the level value (this is set via the Condition child element). The default value is "1".

Signature: seq<Feature>

Nest sub features

Signature: string

Short string of text identifying the feature. This string is listed as an item by the SelectionTree control of the Selection Dialog.